Passing of John Treloar

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012 @ 8:03PM





Australia has lost one of our greatest track athletes with the passing of John Treloar on the eve of the 30th Olympiad.

John was the first Australian male to qualify for a 100 metre final at an Olympic Games and will always be remembered as a remarkable trailblazer for athletics in this country.

At the 1952 Games in Helsinki, John ran in the 100 metre final and narrowly finished in 6th place, only 0.1 seconds behind the winner.

While John didn’t medal in this race, his gallant feat on the track set the pace for Australian athletics to grow and prosper.

His success on the Olympic stage at the 1952 Games heralded Australia’s emergence as a great sporting nation and helped to shape our reputation as a formidable force in international sport.

His legacy to Australian sport will be showcased at the upcoming London Games in the passion of our athletics team which will strive to emulate his success and represent Australia.

John will also be remembered as an outstanding Commonwealth Games athlete who achieved glory as a triple gold medallist at the 1950 Auckland Games. As a member of the 1950 Australian Commonwealth Games Team, John was victorious in all the finals he competed in, winning gold in the 110 yards, 220 yards and 4 x 100 yards men’s relay team event. 

John was a great sprinter and a legend on the track, but he will be remembered fondly as a family man and a remarkable team mate who inspired those around him.

The thoughts of the nation are with John’s family and friends as they mourn his passing.

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